Lexi & Nick…

It started with a rumble in the tectonic plates, half way between Australia and New Zealand. The torrential rain that heralded the last week of January set the isobars plummeting and weather readers frothing at the mouth over their Hector Pascal’s (ok, so I’m not au fait with weather speak, but you get the idea…) By the time Jan 31st rolled around, wedding day, the sun had come out but the ocean was rampaging. It was, as the surfers call it, “the swell of the year”.

Meanwhile in a back alley of inner city Sydney Lexi gathered with her sister & friends, exuding a magical kind of 1920’s glamour. If I only I could capture her voice, to fit with these images, because it is a voice that could melt your heart. I recognised it from the radio. And no wonder she fell in love with Nick over long phone calls when they both worked at the ABC. Nick is a charmer too. The combination of their intellect and sheer sense of fun made for a brilliant wedding. As the waves blasted the rock pool beneath the wooden platform at Wyllie’s Baths in Coogee, the guests barely gave the surging tide a moments thought as they bust into a flash mob dance, astounding onlookers and stealing the show. Then the speeches created such a state of mirth I thought an ambulance might have to be called. But no. Not this mob. They dazzled with their wit, with their ingenuity (check out the eternity vector Lexi made), and their sheer joy. I wish them both a future as spectacular as this day was.

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