Dan & Michela ~ Centennial Park ~ Sydney Wedding

Lovers of fine food. Italian. Big Families.

I knew this would be a good wedding, as soon as I met Dan and Michela in Firefly restaurant, Neutral Bay (the restaurant they happen to own and run, by the way!)

What I didn’t know was just how good.

Michela’s father not only charmed the crowd with his story – he arrived from Italy 30 years ago with a dream to fill his home with children and tranquility – he then bust out his guitar and had us all shouting his chorus:

“Michela! Michela! Michela!”

I think his enthusiasm was contagious. I’ve been humming the tune all day.

If only photographs could sing…

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Ceremony: The Pine Grove, Centennial Park

Dress: @sarahjanks

Flowers: @florosaria

Makeup: @makeupbyisabelk

Tans: @bronzehq

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