Country wedding: Mudgee, NSW, Australia

The Roaring Days
by Henry Lawson

The night too quickly passes
And we are growing old,
So let us fill our glasses
And toast the Days of Gold;
When finds of wondrous treasure
Set all the South ablaze,
And you and I were faithful mates
All through the roaring days!

…Oh, who would paint a goldfield,
And limn the picture right,
As we have often seen it
In early morning’s light;
The yellow mounds of mullock
With spots of red and white,
The scattered quartz that glistened
Like diamonds in light;
The azure line of ridges,
The bush of darkest green,
The little homes of calico
That dotted all the scene.


I thought it only fitting to include a fragment of a poem by Australias’ adored Henry Lawson, seeing as Hannah & Michael are writers, and I admire anyone with the gift of spinning a yarn. Lawson was schooled briefly in a little shack in Eurunderee, Mudgee. The same landscape where Hannah & Michael were wed. I met Hannah almost 10 years ago, when we worked for The Financial Review in Sydney, she as a journalist and I as a photographer. For her to contact me from their apartment in New York, asking me to document her country wedding was wonderful. It’s always great to reconnect with people, and to see Hannah again, so beautiful & thriving with Michael, her equally dashing brand-new-husband was an honour. Their quirky humour infiltrated the wedding and set everyone at ease. It made perfect sense that after days of rain, mother nature ignited the sky…

Location: Di Lusso Estate, Mudgee

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