In a parallel universe lives a famous once flame-haired Pirate From The North named Alex, who became a renowned Fisherman of the Southern Seas.

Famed for his ability to catch a Mahi Mahi with his bare hands & cook it to perfection, the maidens of the land understood him to be quite a catch himself. But it was the bewitching green eyes of Daina that caused him pause.

Perhaps he could see a beauty in her heart as bright & giving as his own?

Their union caused great joy around the land and across the hemispheres and at least one resident in our sleepy hollow was spotted dancing a happy little jig apon announcement of their engagement.

Actually there’s no parallel universe about this, it’s all true. (Check out the pirate lego cufflinks) Arrrr…..

When Val, the mother of Alex received a standing ovation for raising Alex and his friends & brothers under less than ideal conditions, it was a beautiful moment.

It is so special to know you both. Xxx – Tan


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