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    I photograph life, love & weddings. Stories that begin with two people and a smile, (or a wink!) & soon include friends breaking bread, making merry and dancing.
    The best stories of all.
    So grab a cup of tea (or a beer), have a look around and feel free to ask me anything that takes your fancy. I hope I can tell your story too.
    -Tanya Lake

Clareville Wedding

Laura & Dan

{Laura & Dan / Clareville Beach} Wowwweeeee. When Dan first rang me, I knew this wedding would be, (to use the word

Private: Heidi & Jeff

(Sydney Harbour Wedding) Sometimes love takes a leap of faith…. Or in this case a drive of faith. Heidi & Jeff run.

Sydney Wedding

Renee & Leigh

(Sydney Harbour Wedding) Here is a tale of a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom, colourful friends, happy families, a

northern beaches wedding

Sara & Brendan

Sara & Brendan – Wedding – Freshwater. I didn’t know that softly spoken Sara was a long

wedding melbourne

Claire & Ned

 Victoria Wedding, Emu Bottom  Claire met Ned in Bruges. And so they watched “In Bruges”. Then they climbed

wedding sunset

Hannah & Michael

Country wedding: Mudgee, NSW, Australia The Roaring Days by Henry Lawson The night too quickly passes And we are

timor leste

Timor Leste

So this is another of my “departures from weddings”. Sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit, and

Alex & Daina…

In a parallel universe lives a famous once flame-haired Pirate From The North named Alex, who became a renowned

Papua New Guinea

(Travel assignment) Papua New Guinea highlands / commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund. To celebrate the protection